Types Of Paint Sprayers

Paint Zoom electric paint sprayers are the best option for your home improvement or creative projects. At Paint Zoom, it is important to us that each of our customers has the best tools to accomplish their paint job. This is why we are proud to be able to offer multiple types of electric paint sprayers. There are a number of different paint sprayers including compressed air paint sprayers, electric paint spray guns, high volume, low-pressure guns and many others. We have also made the commercial-grade equipment available which uses a piston pump system or a diaphragm pressure system.

How Electric Paint Sprayers Function

When it comes to painting we are the experts! This is why we know that it is important to have different options when it comes to painting. Paint Zoom electric sprayer uses a lightweight, compressed air reservoir system. This consists of a paint cup that is used to hold the paint, which is then drawn out using suction generated by compressed air that is driven from the hose to the paint gun nozzle. When it comes to general purposes projects, home improvement projects and fun do-it-yourself projects this is the best option for consumers!

Airless Paint Sprayers

Often times professional contractors in commercial settings will use airless paint sprayers that employ a piston pump or diaphragm pressure system. Although in some cases you may find painting enthusiasts may get their hands on this type of system as well. This type of paint sprayer is much more expensive it can have benefits when painting difficult surfaces such as basement walls, popcorn ceilings or larger patches of wall areas. For different projects such as painting your furniture HVLP systems are used to create ultra-fine and mirror finishes.

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The Paint Zoom

The Paint Zoom electric paint sprayer system uses precise viscosity, spray geometry and volume flow control in order to give our costumers optimal painting results. With Paint Zoom our customers are offered an extensive instruction manual provided on our website to achieve professional quality results without the professional cost. Paint Zoom has bridged the gap between professional quality and low cost with this easy to use electric paint spraying system. We are happy to have made painting easier and cheaper than ever before!

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