Instructional Video

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Instructional Video

How To Use An Electric Paint Sprayer

You may know about the amazing features of the Paint Zoom and you may be aware of how fun and easy it can be, that only leaves one thing, how do you use it? Though the Paint Zoom is very simple to use and is light and portable, we still find it necessary to lend a hand and share and instructional video on its proper use.

Utilizing The User Manual

We encourage you to watch our instructional video in order to learn how to better use your Paint Zoom electric sprayer. However, please keep in mind that your Paint Zoom did in fact come with it’s own users manual, and we suggest that you consult that. Your users manual will contain important information on the Paint Zoom and how it functions. If you have any questions about how to assemble your Paint Zoom after reading the instruction manual, we would advise you to watch the instructional video below.

What Does The Instructional Video Tell me?

The instructional video below will tell you everything you need to know about using the Paint Zoom from identifying the individual parts to how to prep your painting project. The different parts of the Paint Zoom include the follow:

    • Paint Zoom spray gun
    • Paint container
    • Viscosity cup
    • Hose
    • Motor base

      You will learn how to assemble the different parts of the spray gun together at the beginning of the instructional video.

      Preparation and safety when using the electric paint sprayer is one of the most important steps and will be explained in the instructional video. During the paint preparation portion of the video the use of the viscosity cup is explained. Nozzle and stream adjustment, used to control paint application, is demonstrated for the best possible results. How and when to use a cross application method, as well as proper stroke size and techniques are shown. The video goes step- by- step right through and into clean up. If you have misplaced your owners manual there is also a full online manual to back users up with detailed answers for any questions you may have about the best electric paint sprayer on the market today!

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      We hope that the instructional video will be helpful in helping you navigate your way around your Paint Zoom. If you have not yet ordered your electric paint sprayer then there is no better day but today to order your Paint Zoom. This product is the most fun you will ever have on your home improvement projects whether it be painting your bedroom or the tree house in your backyard. Order yours today!

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